the presence & grace story

Hello and welcome to Presence & Grace! The idea of ‘Presence & Grace’ came about through loss (specifically death). In October 2014, a childhood friend committed suicide. A month prior another friend committed suicide…and 6 months before that another. Two years before the death of those three friends, I had lost two other friends to suicide.  I was heartbroken!
I began to question suicide and look for answers as to how these deaths could have been prevented. Quietly, I had conversations with God, myself, and other friends. In the process of my questioning and conversations, I started writing down scriptures and phrases that were uplifting and inspiring to me. I then began to sketch these scriptures and phrases onto paper and on the computer - integrating them with shapes, patterns, and adding colors to form works of art. I noticed that when I did this my soul was happier and for each work of art created, I became more at peace.


I then began to share some of my work with friends I knew were struggling with the hustle and bustle of life. The response and conversations from this were a blessing I could never have imagined. I then realized this was God’s gift - I was ministering to others through my experience and art. This was important to me, as I’ve always felt it essential that with anything I do or design should be meaningful and have a message. With this gift - this blessing – I decided to create Presence & Grace.  Presence & Grace offers a collection of art prints, paper goods and home goods to inspire, uplift, and support.
I am forever thankful for his Presence & Grace and to be able to be a blessing to others as well as to do what I love. I pray that you will be uplifted and inspired by my product offerings just as I am to share them with you.

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about the designer

Owner and Designer Keia Butts, has a background in design – interiors and exteriors, as well as a background in the arts, graphic and publication design. She is inspired by color, patterns, simple forms, and typography. The interaction and play that words and images can create on objects and everyday things oftentimes will play a role in her design/ projects.


When not designing, she enjoys spending time with family, people watching, traveling, trying out new foods, and enjoying a cup of coffee or Earl Grey tea.